In this November, Okasa constantly sold out because of the Hot level of 3 massage chairs is very popular and selected by many customers. The following massage chair models are all the best quality, trusted by many customers, so Okasa will summarize to help you easily choose the products you like. Let's find out with Okasa through the article below!

The first is Okasa OS 268 Plus massage chair

Okasa OS 268 Plus massage chair deserves to be a modern product line, optimized using features as well as ensuring strict quality, ready to conquer every customer even the most difficult customer. This is a line of pre-programmed chairs with 4 automatic massage programs that bring the perfect relaxing moments, eliminate stress, fatigue, problems of aches and pains.

Along with that is the S-track roller system with a large area that fully embraces the user's back, giving you the feeling of a strong and genuine massage without missing any body parts. In addition, G36 massage chair legs also set massage rollers with flexible rotation angle, strong focus on the toes and foot massage to bring the most perfect experience for you.

Okasa OS 968 massage chair is equipped with automatic massage programs, integrating 5 current advanced massage methods: Kneading, punching, patting, tapping, rubbing, punching and massaging with strong impact on the back to help reduce tired effectively. Therefore, choosing G36 massage chair is that you are creating a perfect relaxing space at your own home.

Second, massage chair Okasa OS 168 Plus

Referring to the Top 3 best massage chairs and trusted by many customers in Okasa, it is impossible not to mention Okasa OS 168 Plus massage chairs - the most advanced massage chair of Okasa today. The chair is designed with an innovative and luxurious design, bringing a noble Gold tone, and incorporating the most advanced technologies and features such as voice control and lively sound giving you a corner of the letter. Relax as you like.

One more highlight, the chair uses the most advanced 4D massage technology and many automatic massages for you to enjoy and explore. With the provision of soothing, intensive relaxation massages, the G31 massage chair is also well suited to many different types of users.

Okasa OS 968 massage chair will bring you and your family moments of great relaxation, bringing a new source of energy, goodbye aches and pains, for a more complete life.

Finally, Okasa OS 968 massage chair

Okasa OS 968 massage chair will be a perfect option for your family. Applying the leading advanced technologies, Okasa G35 massage chair with improvements in massage technology promises to bring you the most complete relaxation moments.

Okasa OS 968 massage chair integrates up to 6 automatic massage programs pre-programmed on the chair, giving you the freedom to explore and enjoy relaxing moments after a tiring working day.

In addition, the SL roller system from the neck to the bottom of the buttocks, embracing your body for relaxing massage is more fully developed throughout your body. In particular, the long running roller on the body will be selected and stopped at any time, any point you desire or much pain needs priority. In addition, the roller on Okasa G35 massage chair is customizable with 6 different levels. Comprehensive airbag massage system helps the massage process to be optimal, quickly repelling muscular aches and pains for diverse and abundant massages.

Okasa OS 968 massage chair is applied the most advanced massage methods, which not only help you relax in the massage technique but also help to relieve the pain of spinal pain, aches and pains in the back. .

As a business-class product, Okasa OS 968 massage chair adorns your family's living space with color combination technology with high-quality leather material that enhances the appearance of this massage chair.

Above are the top 3 most popular body massage chairs in Okasa last time. These products are highly appreciated for their modern features, bringing many benefits for health and spirit, in accordance with the needs of users. Hopefully, through this article, customers will have the appropriate options and bring your family a perfect massage chair line so that they can take care of their parents' health perfectly!

Have you ever thought of massage chair benefit? Simply relaxing after a tiring day at work, or relieving joint and muscle aches from excessive exercise ...?

There are still many people who are not really knowledgeable about the mechanism of action as well as the effectiveness of massage chairs. Let's Okasa discover the benefits that massage chairs bring to our health offline!

Massage is a method of health care that has been favored for a long time, this is a method of physical massage directly into the muscular system and receptors to enhance the functioning of the nervous system. menstrual blood vessels, thereby providing optimal health improvement. Over time, the Massage Chair was born - inheriting the essence of "Physiotherapy" from traditional massage methods combined with modern technology and handy features, bringing new breakthroughs in materials. health care program. This is also said to be a great solution for our health.

Revealing the optimal health effects that users appreciate when using massage chairs:

Relax and relieve muscle soreness

When tired muscles - aches and pains caused by high intensity activities exceed the body's tolerance. These are signals that the body needs to rest, and the rollers and airbags equipped on the massage chair will take on the task of massaging to relieve symptoms of spasticity, joint pain, and muscle fatigue, helping to increase muscle endurance. In addition, the massage helps to accumulate glycogen to help the muscular system be nourished optimally.

Increase the elasticity of tendons and ligaments

The massage will increase elasticity, activity of tendons, ligaments, promote the secretion of joints and circulation around the joints, help improve the efficiency of the blood circulation and lymphatic system in common. around joints, tendons, and bones ...

Regulating the circulatory system and strengthening the immune system

Regular massage is beneficial for blood circulation to the heart and other parts of the body to help regulate the circulatory system. In particular, for the blood, the massage process will increase the number of red blood cells and white blood cells (lympo cells) help protect the body against diseases, enhance the body's resistance. Good support in the treatment of diseases of the immune system in the elderly, middle-aged ...

Great effect on the nervous system - helps reduce stress and sleep better

Using a massage chair is a great therapy after a day of working pressure, stress and stress, fatigue. Numerous studies have shown that massage therapy has a positive effect on the brain cortex, relieves stress symptoms of the nervous system and helps to relax, reduce anxiety and stress. Smart massage feature of the roller - airbag system combined with infrared massage mechanism helps blood circulation well, bringing deeper and better sleep.

Improves blood circulation function - Good for the cardiovascular system

Gravity massage program combined with intensive effects such as pressing, day, pat, rub and shiatshu along with the roller system that moves throughout the body thereby promoting blood circulation, direct impact to the contraction function of the heart, stabilize the heart rate, reduce the risk of diseases related to blood pressure, cardiovascular, help accelerate the recovery process after trauma, contribute to eliminate toxins accumulated in the muscle. to the outside.

Supporting the treatment of herniated disc

The disc herniation is common in the elderly or heavy workers, the operation system of the ultra-intelligent full body massage chair, designed with high-end 3D rollers hugging the body position and hugging Following the mist frame SL-Track performs the following actions: kneading, knocking, punching, shiatsu, rolling, helping to relax to reduce aches and pains. The system of massage along the lumbar vertebrae combined with infrared heating is especially good for people with herniated disc, cervical spondylosis ...

The use of massage chairs goes beyond relaxation, which is a great help in actually improving overall health problems. Equipping yourself and your family with a massage chair is no longer a "luxury" investment, because what massage chairs bring to health and invaluable, helps users save time and effort. Get precious relaxing moments.

The great uses of massage chairs are undeniable, just maintaining regular massage 30 minutes a day, our spirit will feel comfortable, maintain good health and do everything more effectively. in life.

A warrior of the business class massage chair, Okasa OS 168 Plus massage chair not only optimizes the great features of the previous popular product lines but also receives outstanding improvements from the design to Product features.

So what are the salient features of this product line? Surf right below to find out what you do?

First: Programming 6 auto lessons ready for you to relax for hours like: Sport refresh, extension, rest & sleep, working refiel, neek & shoulder, waist & spine.

Second: Head to toe airbag system, especially in Okasa OS 168 Plus massage chair with adjustable shoulder airbag system.

3: Point massage technology, personalized personalization is extremely smart, where you can adjust the roller to stop or continue massage at any position you desire.

Wednesday: 4D massage technique is adapted into intensive massage exercises: Deep Shitasu, healthy breath and massage extent. In which the Deep shiatsu mode can stretch the leg muscles and press the shoulders and the acupuncture points of the neck is favorably focused.

Fifth: The whole body stretching mode helps to stretch the muscles of the joints, bring the feeling of being relaxed, circulate blood and blood circulation, support and quickly recover pain, numbness ...

In particular, you can not ignore the unique function of the G35 super product that is the feature of bringing the bassinet, the chair will dangle continuously according to the rule of steady motion, bringing you to sleep gently, This is a great feature for older people, isn't it?

In addition, Okasa OS 168 Plus massage chair possesses favorite features on other high-class business chairs waiting for you to explore!

Come to the nearest showroom system to experience and try Okasa OS 168 Plus massage chair completely free of yoU

"International Women's Day March 8" is a day for us to honor the great contributions made by women to society as well as the silent sacrifices that women make to bring a happy life. for family. Therefore, on the occasion of March 8, let Okasa join hands to "Protect the health - Sharing love" to Vietnamese women with the best wishes and the most meaningful health gift.

March 8 is a special day for women not only in Vietnam but also for many countries around the world, this is also an opportunity for you to show your love for your grandmother, mother, wife or she ... with practical gifts that come from your care, concern and sincere heart.

There is a saying: "Life is long but very fast for us to live a whole life" for that reason, so do not hesitate to show love, care for the most important women of your life. bring them laughter, joy, because of their happiness, that smile is our own happiness. Therefore, this March 8 dedicated to them a holiday full of joy and happiness through the "health gifts" that are really useful for their lives and needs.

Massage chair meaningful gift March 8

With the "health care gifts" selected by delicate men: functional foods; fitness tools to care for your body; or a product chosen by many like Body Massage Chair will help women no longer face the pain of age and stresses of life. At the same time, it opens up a perfect relaxing space, bringing a deep sleep after a long working day without having to go far.

Massage chair is integrated with advanced massage technologies, supports the treatment of osteoarthritis, restores damaged muscle areas, regenerates active vitality and protects daily health for the beloved women of friend. Instead of spending time, effort and money for a massage at expensive centers or spas, you just need to spend 30 minutes a day to enjoy moments of relaxation, comfort at home. This will surely be a great health care experience for your woman.

Women who manage family affairs like their mothers have certainly had times of great stress, fatigue, and bone and joint pains. So, give her a massage chair so she can exercise gently and relax the body. The impact of massage technology of roller system, airbag and 4D massage technology will contribute to supporting the treatment for spinal pain, back pain especially for the elderly, people who exercise a lot or stand for too long. .

Therefore, massage chair is also a meaningful March 8 gift, convenient and most suitable for women that certain men cannot ignore. Let mothers and wives have the opportunity to enjoy relaxing moments on the most advanced massage chairs of Okasa.

As a man, take advantage of this special holiday to send to your important and dear women the most gratitude and sincere love. Make every day of the year an International Women's Day, so that every woman in the world will be loved and cared for.

Okasa wishes all the best to all women, and please always care and share love for the women because they deserve!

You are wondering whether a full-body massage chair is right for you? Who can use this chair? So let Okasa solve the problem above to have a more accurate view of this great health care product.

As mentioned, full body massage chair is a health care product so it is suitable for all subjects, from young people to the elderly can use it as a useful assistive device. If you are an office worker who has to sit still for a long time, hard workers, athletes, students - students are taking the stress test, the full body massage chair will help you relieve all fatigue stress.

The use of a full body massage chair is not harmful to health but it also helps effectively in the treatment of bone and joint diseases such as herniated disc, body aches, ... the vibrations from massage regimes Professional, modern will dispel pain, stretch and lubricate joints to help reduce pain effectively, blood circulation.

Especially useful for the elderly

Elderly people are the most common subject of bone and joint problems, because of advanced age, the aging system of joints and joints is reduced and function is very much, the pain is very likely to occur. So they need to be massaged and massaged regularly to ease the pain.

The full body massage chair will promote the effect, become an effective and reliable assistant in the health care of the elderly. You only need to fine-tune the automatic mode to bring the most comfortable feeling, the rest will be taken care of by this modern chair. Therefore, massage chairs are considered a great gift for parents if they want to give them unexpected gifts.

In short, a full body massage chair is an extremely effective health care device, a "companion" for everyone.

Regular and proper massage will bring positive effects to the health and psychology of the elderly. Kingsport would like to introduce to everyone the best massage chairs for the elderly today.

Topping this list is the G8 model, which incorporates zero-gravity massage technology, a 3D robotic massage system like a real hand with extremely professional soft and supple motion, combined with technology. Smart "body scan" automatically scans the body and spine to adjust the optimal massage posture to the user's condition and accurately locates acupuncture points on the body to bring professional massage experience. worms most effectively. G8 is rated as one of the best massage chairs for the elderly today.

Located at a lower price but still in the high-end product line, G07 full body massage chair will help your loved one to have a good health and quality life with full of the most modern massage features available today. The strongest point of this chair is the Zero Gravity massage program, in this position, the user will be able to relax all the way to the spine and waist, helping the blood to flow from the heart. effective, thereby helping the spirit refreshed, more alert.

With a luxurious, modern design, the C2i massage chair not only helps you eliminate stress and fatigue everyday but also makes your interior space more luxurious. The reason C2i is considered to be the best massae chair for the elderly because the chair possesses thermal function helps the circulation, blood circulation take place better, reduces drowsiness and fatigue. In addition, C2i has a hip massage function, which helps you feel more excited when using the chair, very suitable for the elderly.

Today, as the pace of life develops, the need for relaxation and self-care increases. Therefore, the technology and technology industry has also developed, leading to a number of health care items to serve the needs of relaxation and personal care such as full body massage chair. Owning a massage chair in the house is the desire of many people. Because this is not just a piece of furniture that represents the class of the owner, but also a useful health care tool for all family members.

However, not everyone knows how to use a full body massage chair properly. Here are the most common mistakes of people using body massage chairs today that we should pay attention and caution:

Many people just think: "Only the elderly need to use a full body massage chair".

This is the concept of the majority of people using body massage chairs in Vietnam. Most people think that only the elderly, the frail and the elderly have the need to use a full body massage chair to support, and the younger ones are not necessary.

However, this concept is completely wrong. Massage chairs have many uses for all ages, not necessarily just good for the elderly. For those who are younger or still in working age, full body massage chairs as a tool of relaxation, health care, support blood circulation, digestive system, immune system, .. Even for people with musculoskeletal diseases, full body massage helps support treatment.

Or another component said: "Anyone can use the massage chair body".

Besides those who think body massage chairs are only for the elderly, there are also many people who think: Massage chairs are for all subjects. But in fact, some subjects should not use full body massage chairs such as:

 - Newly pregnant women in the first 3 months and the last 3 months: The vibrating effects of full body massage chair on the body, sensitive areas of newly pregnant women can cause concussions, increase contractions uterus, .. easily lead to the phenomenon of miscarriage, premature birth. Even after giving birth, the weak body that needs to be recovered is not in a hurry to use full body massage chair.

- People with high fever, too weak health or cognitive disabilities should not use the full body massage chair when alone. Because when something goes wrong, they can't afford to deal with it. Those who want to use a full body massage chair need guidance and supervision by the side.

- Those who have just undergone surgery or just had bone trauma should not use a full body massage chair. If used, consult a specialist.

- Patients with severe cardiovascular, respiratory, and neurological diseases should seek medical advice before use.

Use a full body massage chair for as long as possible

Many people who buy a full body massage chair often feel too excited and excited to use the chair continuously for a long time.

Practical evidence: A customer shared: when my two daughters bought a massage chair for the whole body, I was excited to use it 3 times a day, about 1 hour a day. And there are times when I use and sleep on the couch. But just a few days later, the body appeared to feel more aching and tired. When calling the customer care hotline of the full body massage chair company, it is known that the reason is because he used the whole body massage chair for a long time continuously, resulting in a counterproductive phenomenon.

Accordingly, the body massage chair firm recommends the best time to use the full body massage chair for both users and the life of the machine is from 2 to 3 times apart, each time about 15 to 30 minutes, Do not extend the use time in one go. The concept of using a full body massage chair for as long as possible is completely wrong. So you need to learn more about it to get the best results.

Massage chairs work as hard as possible

At the same time with the use of full body massage chair for a long time, many people also think that the more powerful the body massage chair, the better. But in fact, the expensive chairs often give users the feeling of light, smooth and real action as taken care by the hands of professional massage therapists in spa.

So really powerful full body massage chair really a good chair? The answer is not necessarily. Sometimes, it is really good for people with a big body, big stamina like gym people, practicing sports regularly, playing heavy sports, .. As for ordinary subjects, full body massage chairs with high impact force are not suitable for the majority of users. Each person when choosing to buy a full body massage chair for individuals and families, should consider carefully the features, the intensity of work to make reasonable choices.

Some mistakes about electrical safety

Large massage chair lines

Currently, using a massage chair to relax and protect the health of the whole family is the first choice for many Vietnamese families, but massage chairs on the market have many different prices, quite difficult. for choosing a good chair with features that suit your needs. Today, Okasa will answer 2 questions: Why choose a high-class massage chair? What to pay attention to when choosing a massage chair?

Massage chairs will be equipped with general massage features and techniques to help users relax, so the difference between these features is how and why users have to spend a larger amount to choose. Luxury massage chair product line?

To explain as well as give some suggestions why you should choose a high-class massage chair, let's find the answer right below.

Choosing massage chairs whether it is business or general massage chairs, we should know what are the features of the chair and application technology. However, Okasa statistics and makes the comment that: Compared to popular chairs, high-class massage chairs will have more features and application technologies that are superior, more modern and more versatile for you.

Massage feature based on the mechanism of operation of the roller, the roller process slides along the body and combines massage techniques such as: Massage, pressing, tapping, punching, day ... to help you repel the pain quickly. aches, fatigue and stress. Therefore, the inevitable requirement on the massage chair will be pre-programmed with the frame and roller system on the massage chair.

However, for the popular massage chair line is the S-track frame, and the high-class massage chair line will be designed more optimally than the SL-track frame. The biggest difference between the S-track frame and the SL-track frame is the massage position, the position of the S-track frame only from the neck to the back while the SL-track frame from the neck to the buttocks, the extension The frame will contribute to a more effective and comprehensive massage result.

Stretching feature in massage chair is one of the indispensable features in a massage chair. The stretching of the muscles will help the vertebrae to expand, completely eliminating the pinched nerve or nerve conditions. In the market, stretching features will also focus on high-end massage chairs.

Infrared heat works to support the recovery of muscle, bone and joint diseases, reducing pain and bruises. While infrared heat also helps wounds will help reduce pain, prevent muscle spasms, dilate blood vessels, dissolve bruises, increase metabolism and local nutrition. With the benefits of infrared heat put into the massage chair as an indispensable additional feature in the massage. The massage program works with optional infrared heat to help the aches and pains get rid of more quickly.

Airbag system is widely used in both business and economy class, this is the first indispensable benefit on a massage chair. The positive effect of contraction on the body organs helps blood circulation to be better, assisting to relieve pain and numbness of the muscles and joints.

However, the difference between the airbag system between the popular massage chair line and the merchant is that the airbag system in the business chair line will be covered all over the body such as: Head, shoulders, hips, hands, feet ... together It's the 3D - 4D massage technology that comes with it,

making it look as if you're relaxing at a real spa.

Choosing high-end massage chairs promises to bring you the perfect value benefits than ever. Currently on the market of high-end massage chairs range from VND 50 million to VND 120 million with modern features and the top technologies only available in high-class massage chairs, will bring you minutes. seconds of relaxation, tenderly beat all tiredness and stress in life.

As a consumer, what do you need? What are you waiting for in your health and life?

You can refer to the luxury massage chair series with full features here.

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